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What should I wear to a photoshoot?

A lot of the time, after a session is booked the client will enthusiastically write to me "I can't wait for our shoot!" followed by a less enthused "But what should I wear?"

My honest answer is - whatever you feel most comfortable in!

I get it, it's a short answer and may not quite give you a direction to go in, so here's a blueprint for you.


When I say wear what you feel most comfortable in, I mean what do you feel like yourself in.

The clothes you feel like your best self are those that tell the onlooker who you are. These can be clothes that you're always complimented on and feel confident in. They can be a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or a white button up with a pencil skirt, or even your cycling gear. If you're not quite sure about a piece, remember that the camera captures flowy and moving fabrics the best.

Do some clothes come to mind already? Great, that means that you're halfway there! The next step is to think about where the shoot is taking place and what scenes we'll set. If we're going to shoot at a beach, what do you usually wear when you're there? In an urban space you can be both chic, sporty or even glamorous. At the bog, maybe a bit more sporty and comfortable. At home something cosy and natural.

The key word, when bringing it all together is harmony.

When we're shooting you alone, it's easiest to make sure that the colors you're wearing compliment each other.

If you're in front of the camera with someone else, it's best to agree on a tone and style.

For example, the common denominator is the color blue and we're all dressed casually. One person's wearing a light blue T-shirt, the other jeans and the third a dark blue dress. It's best to have 2-3 colors, because otherwise it can get really mottled. However if you're all wearing something similar, it may be hard to differentiate you on the pictures. To avoid blending into one, it's best to play with textures and fabrics.

Pastels and natural colors are easiest to shoot and combine with the surroundings. They fit every place and time of year. Bold and loud colors can be hard to capture and they can take the focus away from you. But if your whole wardrobe is colorful and they call you Fuchia then that's exactly what we'll need to shoot you in!


A teeny tiny lesson on color theory

Do you remember the color wheel from your art classes? That's what's going to give you a better idea on what colors go well with each other. There are so many combinations that you can work with! The best combinations are formed by opposite colors, analogous colors, monochromatic colors, a color triangle and a color square.

For example an orange shirt will look amazing on a green field or a yellow shirt with the blue sea as the backdrop.

You can also dress your family in similar tones of yellow, green and blue. Then it's important to keep in mind the right tonality. You can also experiment with similar colors, like an orange clothing set on a salmon pink background.

You can learn more about the color wheel by just googeling the pair of words.

If you're not 100% sure about your choice, let me know and we'll find the perfect solution together.


I encourage you to not rush to buy a new outfit for our shoot. Wear something you already own. That way you can be sure you're comfortable and the clothes look like you. If you want to wear something more lavish for once, then how about borrowing it from a friend or a costume maker. This way you can be more sustainable towards your wallet and nature.


If we're shooting outside, make sure to take into account the everchanging Estonian weather. My two cents - layers!

By layering, you'll be warm and therefore more comfortable! Big sweaters, warm scarves and knitted headbands always look great on photos.

PS! Feel free to bring a thermos full of tea or any other warm beverage to perk you up.

Regardless of the time of the shoot, usually I've been able to capture at least 2-3 outfits. If we're shooting outside, make sure you'll be comfortable changing in the open air. For example, a sweater can easily be switched with a leather jacket or a skirt to a pair of pants.

But you don't need to change your clothes at all! If you've found the outfit that works, then let's just go with that!


Let's also talk about underwear

Choose underwear that makes you feel good and comfortable. Remember that if you notice your underwear peeking from under the clothes, then that will definitely also show on the photo. If you're planning to wear light pants or an open backed dress, then choose underwear that goes with it. And should it be that one outfit goes with black and the other with nude underwear, then just bring them both.


So, you've chosen your clothes,

now it's time to think about the shoes.

In case we're not going to the beach where you can run around bare feet, then remember that the shoes bring the whole outfit together. They should go both with the outfit and our shooting location. Wearing a pair of heels at the bog doesn't feel quite right, but it's a completely different story in an urban space. At home, think about wearing your cozy slippers or a pair of funky socks.


You've got the outfit and shoes?

Now a little about makeup, hair and accessories.

Stay true to what you look like every day, or spice it up just a little, because that's how you'll feel your very best.

If you're not sure if to keep your hair up or down, then I can say that loose hair always looks good! But always bring a scrunchie, so we could mix things up if we feel like it!

Wear exactly as much or as little makeup that makes you feel good! If you've ever heard about "photo makeup" then that's mostly correctional makeup, where you just bring down the flaws and bring forth the best features. The focus is on a matte face, to make sure nothing shines too much. If you feel like you'd like to leave that to a professional, then just ask for my recommendation. If you want to do your own "photo makeup" then make sure it's a bit darker than your daily face, keep away from shimmering your whole face and add shape and contours, because the camera always captures things a bit softer.

Remember that having make up is an option, not an obligation! You can come as fresh faced as you like - whatever makes you feel most comfortable!

Hands and nails always stand out in a photo more than in our daily lives, so make sure your manicure is done - the nails are clean, filed and, if colored then immaculately.

When choosing accessories, less is more because they can take the focus away from you. You can add a bit of spice to your look with fun socks, a nice handkerchief, hats or a pair of sunglasses. It's best not to wear a watch, especially if they're big and flashy, because they take up a lot of the attention that should go to you.

Props can also be a guitar, bicycle, pet, drum, paintbrush or whatever screams you. If you'd like to bring these to a shoot, make sure to let me know beforehand.


What to avoid:

  • clothing with big pictures or neon tones - they'll take all the focus away from you

  • clothing with small prints - they tend to come across frizzy and distorted

  • big logos - unless they are sponsorship deals


TLDR ; too long didn't read


My goal is to capture YOU the way you are - an unicycling ukulele playing punk, soft poet, passionate financial analyst, always buzzing motorcyclist, a shy cat lover or a humorous botanist.

  • Wear clothing you feel most comfortable in and that truly represents you.

  • If you're shooting with others, discuss and agree on a tone and style.

  • Neutral, pastel and natural tones work the best together.

  • If we're shooting outside, don't forget to dress accordingly. It's all about the layers!

  • Choose underwear and shoes that go with the outfit and the location of our shoot.

  • Put on as little or as much makeup as you feel comfortable in and when it comes to accessories, less is more.

  • Avoid clothes with big pictures, logos, writing and neon

If you're not sure about a pattern, fit or color, you can always send me a photo of it and we can decide together.

I hope this makes you more confident to come in front of my lens!

If you've not booked time with me yet, then you can do so here!

See ya!


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