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Hi there! I'm happy you've found me!

My name is Lisett and I am a photographer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Through my lens I try to capture the beauty of this bizarre world. The art I create is true to life and free of too many touch ups. Dare I say minimalistic, yet full of emotion.

At home you would find me lost between countless plants with my nose in a good book.

You might wonder why is my company nonbizarre? Well, because life is a bit bizarre and it's okay! And I just really like the word.

So this is me - a photographer, plant-lady and a bookworm, trying to catch the beauty of this bizarre world.

6 random facts about me

I consider myself a plant-lady, but in all honesty I have no idea what I'm doing.



Stories around the world wide web

The teachers of Tallinn School of Economics Lisett Kruusimäe and Maria Tyutina are inspired by their students 

Lets meet the Lisett Kruusimäe and Maria Tyutina, teachers at the Tallinn School of Economics, who educate their students on the many facets of the world of photography, video and sound.

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