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Lisett Scandi veebruar 2024 (14).jpg

Hi there! I'm happy you've found me!

My name is Lisett and I am a photographer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Through my lens I try to capture the beauty of this bizarre world. The art I create is true to life and free of too many touch ups. Dare I say minimalistic, yet full of emotion.

At home you would find me lost between countless plants with my nose in a good book.

You might wonder why is my company nonbizarre? Well, because life is a bit bizarre and it's okay! And I just really like the word.

So this is me - a photographer, plant-lady and a bookworm, trying to catch the beauty of this bizarre world.

6 random facts about me

I consider myself a plant-lady, but in all honesty I have no idea what I'm doing.


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