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On this page you'll also find shoot locations I recommend, ideas on what to wear and how to feel most comfortable in front of the lens.

What should I wear to the shoot?

Wear something you feel most comfortable in! 

Where should we shoot?

You should lead the way on the location.


Do you or your friends and family have a special space? A location you go and spend some quality time in? Or do you like strolling around the old town or roaming in the forest or beach?

My goal is to capture your unique story!​

If a specific location doesn't quite come to mind, tell me about your vision and we'll find the perfect place together. 

Some frequently asked questions

* In all of packages, I'll send you the whole gallery of successful photos. I don't like to set limits and restrict ourselves with specific number of photos per shoot, because from some shoots you get more photos than others and that's totally okay.

* The gallery will be compiled and in your inbox in four weeks, unless agreed otherwise.

* I'll send the photos with a personal link and password. You can send the photos to be printed, or seen by your friends and family with the same link.

* The pricing for a totally private shoot is slightly different, so please inform me of this prior to booking. 

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